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Coat and Jacket Alteration and Repair

Coat And Jacket Alteration And Repair
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Free Coat Cleaning Repair Pickup And Delivery Toronto

Free Pickup & Delivery

We are offering FREE weekly pickup and delivery in Toronto, the GTA, and throughout Southern Ontario.

Weekly Delivery Coat Cleaning Repair Toronto

Regular & Rush Service

Choose our Free regular 7-day service or our 2-3 day rushed service – available in Toronto and select cities.

Love Your Coat Repairs and Alters All Types of Jackets

We can perform alterations and repairs on any of the following coats:

Coat Repairs And Alters All Types Of Jackets Toronto

Coat Brand Names We Repair & Alter

The experts at Love Your Coat can perform professional jacket and coat repairs and alterations on all of the following brands as well as any other brand:

Fur Coat Repair Toronto

Fur Coat Repair

Fur coats are elegant fashion items that are often passed down from generation to generation. They are extremely delicate, making it challenging to repair them or alter their structures.

Luckily, the talented team at Love Your Coat has the expertise and experience to make any repairs or alterations to your valuable fur coat without causing any damage to the material.

To get a fur coat repair cost or a fur coat alterations cost, click the link below for a free online quote.

Zipper Repair & Replacement

Zippers are one of the most important parts of a jacket or coat as they hold the entire structure together. If your jacket or coat zipper is broken, it requires special attention that our zipper repair and replacement experts can provide.

We’ll either repair your existing zipper or replace it using our massive inventory of zippers. It’ll be matched perfectly, and you’ll be ready to zip up your coat and go in no time.

Zipper Repair & Replacement Toronto
Fur Glazing & Electrifying Toronto

Fur Glazing & Electrifying

Many winter coats feature beautiful fur trims. Unfortunately, due to precipitation like snow and rain, this fur can become matted and unsightly.

Love Your Coat’s Fur Electrifying & Glazing service will not only restore the original look and feel of your favourite winter coat’s fur trim but will also ensure it looks beautiful for years to come.

Faded Jacket Restoration and Re-Dyeing

Over time, jackets and coats can fade and lose their lustre. Show an older coat some love with Love Your Coat’s dyeing service. We’ll bring back the jacket’s original colour and shine by replacing the natural oils. You’ll be amazed by how bold and beautiful your coat looks once we’re done with it!

Faded Jacket Restoration And Re Dyeing Toronto
Coat Repair Rips Tears And Scratches Toronto

Repair Rips, Tears & Scratches

Accidents happen that lead to rips, tears and scratches. Whether your pet got a hold of your winter jacket or your sleeve snagged on a branch, Love Your Coat can replace the ripped, torn or scratched piece with a new one.

We’ll work with you and provide you with a sample of the replacement fabric patch before performing the repair job to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with the match.  We live to serve our customers!

Leather Jacket Repair

Whether your leather jacket requires zipper repair and replacement, buckle repair and replacement, re-dyeing or an alteration, Love Your Coat has the expertise to provide the leather jacket repair services you need. We’ll ensure your jacket fits you properly and looks incredible for years to come.

Leather Jacket Repair Toronto
Lining Repair & Replacement Toronto

Lining Repair & Replacement

One of our specialties at Love Your Coat is repairing and replacing worn-out linings. If the lining of your jacket or coat has been damaged or is simply in need of some TLC, our coat tailors have years of expertise repairing existing linings or replacing them with brand new ones.

Down Jacket Repair

Down-filled jackets are perfect for winter as they are warm, lightweight and comfortable. Unfortunately, due to the thin fabric containing the down, they can easily be torn, causing tiny feathers to come out. Love Your Coat will patch or sew any holes or tears in your down jacket to prevent the down filling from coming out. We’ll ensure your down jacket keeps you warm for many winters in the future.

Down Jacket Repair Toronto
Brand Name Leather Coat Alterations Repairs Toronto

Brand Name Leather Coat Alterations & Repairs

At Love Your Coat, our tailors specialize in high-end coat and jacket alterations and repairs. We can repair or alter coats from the following brands:

Whether you have a coat from the above brands or any other quality leather coat or jacket that needs alterations or repairs, we’re here to Love Your Coat and exceed your expectations.

Coat Cleaning Restoration Guarantee

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We Love Your Coat, and we love making our customers smile. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures all of our customers leave our state-of-the-art coat repair facility with a big grin on their faces.

We’ve been repairing and altering coats and jackets since 1987, so you can trust us with your beloved garments, from family heirloom fur coats to expensive vintage leather jackets. To build trust with our customers, we offer the guarantee that we will re-service your garment at no additional cost if you’re not completely satisfied with our jacket repair and alteration services.

We ensure that any services received by Love Your Coat will be better than our competitors.


Read What Our Customers Are Saying

6 reviews

Jay .

4 years ago
I found Love your leather after searching online for a highly rated leather cleaner. My leather garment had a large ball point pen stain on it. Tony had the stain out within 15min of my showing up at the store. I had a chance to watch Tony and his staff interact with other customers and they are exc...

James .

4 years ago
Good Morning Kathy, Many thanks for your terrific service. I received my jacket this morning and thank you for your compliment about the color..you really livened it up for me!! Look forward to doing business w you in the future. Enjoy your weekend.

Cheryl .

5 years ago
Jared just delivered my suede jacket. You did an awesome job both lining and cleaning it. Thank you

Tony .

6 years ago
Hi Tony I was referred by a mutual friend about Love Your Leather in Toronto to have my zipper repaired on my brown leather jacket. When I arrived I was greeted by Tony, who asked me what the problem was with the zipper. After playing with the zipper he mentioned that we just have to replace a few c...

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